CMA Process
Executive Search Process, Corporate Management Advisors


Develop company profile through extensive dialogue with client

  • History and background of the organization
  • Market positioning
  • Management philosophy, culture and strategic plan
  • Organizational structure
  • Employment advantages

Define a position description based on client input and feedback

  • Title
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Desired qualifications and character traits
  • Potential for professional growth and advancements

Search Strategy and Plan
Formulate a search plan after listening to client's need and objectives

  • Determine search strategy
  • Determine interview and hire process
  • Assign recruiting team

Candidate Identification and Assessment
Identify prospective candidates as defined by client in previous conversations

  • Utilize in-house resources, library and database to identify potential candidates
  • Implement search strategy
  • Solicit interest from prospective candidates

Interview and thoroughly assess candidates against client's needs and objectives

  • Gather preliminary information on prospective candidates
  • Coordinate comprehensive face-to-face interviews with select candidates
  • Evaluate candidate qualifications and background
  • Review and select final candidates for client presentation

Client Presentation
Prepare written reports on selected candidates for client review

  • Develop candidate profiles/resumes
  • Summarize each candidate's capabilities and potential
  • Develop candidate matrix

Present selected candidates for discussion with client

  • Submit written candidate information
  • Review candidates with client
  • Select candidates for interview with client

Selection and Hire
Coordinate interviews between candidate and client

  • Coordinate logistics to ensure timely meetings
  • Ensure client and candidates are prepared for the interviews
  • Review interviews with candidates and client
  • Coordinate final candidate selection and hiring process
  • Review recommended candidates
  • Coordinate additional meetings, as necessary
  • Conduct comprehensive reference investigations
  • Negotiate terms of offer and manage the acceptance

Consult with the client and candidate to ensure a successful transition

  • Assist candidate with transition to new position
  • Periodically contact client and candidate to monitor progress